Tuesday, June 10, 2008

family tree

New pictures from home!

the hassanov forward observation unit is able to

monitor movement from several locations and

angles at one time. Basic computations can be

processed by the unit or transmitted back to a

base unit via wireless radio!

The hassanov foundry unit(posed next to a pride filled
senior engineer) is able to withstand tempatures well above
any human operator. It posesses a simple speech unit and
specially shielded vision systems. Its joints are specially
re-enforced to allow it to carry up to 8 tonnes! Unit options are
various, including several hand attachments and upgradeable
power transmission system.

I got a few more crates from headquarters and additional blueprints. I am hoping
that soon I perhaps could go back and report my findings first hand. Even though I
dont have many memories of homeland, I do wish to see it again and take pictures
for my friends!

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