Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Field testing of the MK8 steam marching seige engine was a success. I met with some resistance with a local pirate fishbowl machine. what a fine design! I think the decking must have been an artillery deck, so I loaded my own piece just in case of a salute...I couldnt Immagine how rude it would be to not respond in kind...I also presented the newcomer to some wood fuel..but he didnt seemed intersted in polite com. He barked a rude call to me and I responded with "HELLO THERE" and offered some tree fuel. After swingin the oak branch of peace, I was quick to find that was somewhat unstable as he collasped onto my frame, I tried to help him out, and the feed him some oak fuel. I am afraid I dont understand the customs so well yet, so I will just have to continue to learn. I somehow ruptured a steam line, so I chose to just return and explore again another day.
hassanov out