Saturday, September 22, 2007

Current events

I have land in caledon!
After much negoitation and careful searching I finally have a land base to bring forth the offering from the house storehouses. I am sure the entirity of caledon has never witnessed such an invention! This shipment, which sadly was just strewn across the property like so
much boxes, Im still going through to inventory, but I did locate the instructions for assembly
of some excellent new developments and some much needed upgrades to my current frame
also some frames were sent!

mounted on a steam mammoth, I think this would be unstoppable!

The royal cousins in the Monocar! exciting!

the tri wheeled rapid agressor.............looks very bouncy

the new model bt hexitank

I'm very happy to announce I even have re-made contacts with several old autoton aquaintances.
Miss Rothschild is back, and after a bit of repair, is even had an upgrade! The night of her return
I met up with some other autotons. Madam Projects has had undergone upgrades too!..

the automat population is on the rise!!
Hassanov out