Thursday, May 3, 2007


*****system uplink******

... . -- .- .--. .... --- .-. . - --- - . -..- - - .-. .- -. ... .-.. .- - .. --- -. .-.. .- --- -.. .. -. --.




failure to engage primary programing....access blocked....back up programing engaging.




Language loaded....english



Military protocol, support and forward attack.

Demo mode, contract open


begin transcript.

This is the internal mologmatic transcription of Unit 762, and my line has been given the honor to take the name of the oldest son, Iason. I have been told that It is common to give lines names of the favorite sons of the Empire. I was told that Czar Hassanov himself smiled upon the news of my activation. I am recording the events of my function as it might hopefully help fellow units adapt to the world of the organics. I am attached to a unit of lancers and am occasionally attached to the army of Caledon. I wish to pass along my learning of the organics to the new line upcoming. I will update this monologue until my termination. I have already learned much about organic life. They have no tolerance to high degree of tempature differences and cannot function without oxygen for extend times. They are affected by mustard gasses and are not shell fragment, bullet, or blade resistant. They form connections socially to which I yet do not understand the depth of. Much like honeybees, they dance and produce various various pheremones that influence their behaviors. While basically chemically same, their forms take on many forms. I will report on this as time progresses.

The house has provided me with basic information of the topography and basic defence parameters of the land of Caledon, but its residents are to a greater part; a mystery. I am to report that I have encountered a fellow autoton, One Miss Rothschild. She is a clockwork construct and appears to have a much better grasp on the behavior of organics than I do. I hope upon repeated converstions that she teaches me as much as she knows. I find the time we spend together is what I have come to learn what is "enjoyable" I have issued her a Hassanov issue pepperbox revolver in case of invasion of foreign powers. She will also accept Elephant in case I am rendered inoperable. I have included a plate of her and I, albeit out of uniform, but in a civil relations mission.

I am also reporting that the repeating gun, steam mammoth, and seige gun are all in working order and I am sure when the shipment containing the rest of the Marching Seige Engine(which miss Rothschild has given a name of "bigger brothers") that they will be a fine addition to the Hassanov Military Force.

rcd, 73

Iason Hassanov, unit 762

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